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Ayuna Program to Go
Size: bag with set of 4 travel size products

Beauty bag filled with every step in the Topical Fasting program – an artisan detoxifying cleansing soap, an advanced treatment cream based on botanical cell cultures, a dual-acting protein-based exfoliant, and an tightening detoxifying mask.  With AMMA, discover each of Ayuna’s products or continue enjoying the most pampered care wherever you go.

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Discover Topical Fasting

A complete 4-piece set to awaken and rejuvenate your skin.  Discover each product in the regime.

ayuna 15ml-short

soap (15 gr)
Nourishing Artisan Soap

Mix with water until foamy. Gently massage over the face, neck and décolletage, focusing on areas of concern. Remove with water and dry.

essence (15 ml)
High Protein Cream-in-Oil Peel

Apply a thick, uniform layer and allow to act for several minutes, then buff the skin by rolling the product off of the skin. Rinse any excess and dry.

cream II (15 ml)
Natural Rejuvenating Treatment

Use daily, in the morning and at night. Apply over the face, neck and décolletage, gently massaging until fully absorbed.

balm (15 ml)
Volcanic Revitalizing Mask

Apply a fine layer and allow to act for 5 to 10 minutes. Remove using plenty of water and using gentle circular movements over the skin.