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Skin Revival Serum
Size: 30 ml | 1 fl oz

For the first time in cosmetics, AYUNA provides the skin with oil extracted from the Stem Cells of The Acebuche, the Millennium Wild Olive tree. Using patented technology, micro-lipids are obtained from the cell membrane providing extraordinary benefits vital in reviving the skin’s appearance and triggering its energy rejuvenation cycles.

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Cellular Oil - Skin Revival Serum by Ayuna
Cellular Oil - Skin Revival Serum by Ayuna
Cellular Oil - Skin Revival Serum by Ayuna


The formula is simple: cellular energy equals beauty.


Cells need energy to invoke what makes our skin appear beautiful: luminosity, vitality, firmness, suppleness… All of these attributes are the result of skin that exudes energy.

Thanks to the latest research in skin life cycles and the introduction of a new bio-tech ingredient obtained from the millennial olive tree … revival is possible. The micro-lipids in Cellular Oil generate beauty by promoting “skin revival”, an innovative system that recycles and recharges energy.


With 44% organic ingredients and a pleasant texture that quickly absorbs, this formula is designed to revitalize all skin types; Ideal for dull complexions, dehydrated and/ or dry skin, especially mature skins.

The energy an embrace creates makes time stand still.